Milk becomes fun with ‘Rasna Shake Up’ a milkshake mix that makes drinking milk delightful. Rasna Shake Up is a pre-sweetened milkshake mix powder THAT MAKES MILK MORE FUN. What is more, each glass of ‘Rasna Shake Up’ is enriched with the goodness of proteins, vitamins, calcium, fruit powder and cocoa.

Available flavors

  • Saffron Almond (KesarBadam)
  • Saffron Cardamom (KesarElaichi)
  • Mango
  • Strawberry
  • Rose (ShahiGulab)
  • Chocolate
Available Quantity Flavour
750 gm (Makes 6 L) Saffron Almond (Kesar Badam), Saffron Cardamom (Kesar Elaichi), Mango, Strawberry, Rose (Shahi Gulab), Chocolate