Rasna’s infallible bedrock of

Rasna’s Core Competencies in the soft drink concerntrate and beverage industry include:

  • 9th World class manufacturing facilities

  • World leader in manufacturing processes and quality in the segment

  • Expertise in flavour development and technology

  • Synergistic & Cost effective product resulting in competitive prices

  • strong marketing, selling and distribution set up

  • Excellent brand equity

  • An in depth understanding of the soft drink concentrate market in all it’s dimensions

Rasna is looking for potential collaborations to leverage its domain expertise to take its quality products in the beverage segment across the world. We are prospecting for:

      • Joint Ventures
      • Technology Transfers
      • Licensing
      • Marketing and distribution partnerships across the globe

                 We have adequate and in-depth knowledge & information on Market sizes and behaviors, Growth prospects, Project Viabilities, Government Policies, Finances etc. and access to more, enabling us to respond fast to any proposal with suitable recommendations. We believe that there is a huge and emerging market for Rasna’s kind of product range, all over the world. Rasna is capable of managing global sized manufacturing set-ups working on the most advanced technologies to cater to the huge markets, nationally and globally.