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As a tribe in action we promise to deliver with individual performance and economy enhancement, substantial gain in our products for consumers at large to relish at every moment of their lives market share in the soft drink concentrate market in india.

Rasna is a brand that every Indian in the world knows of as standing tall
vis-a-vis quality flavour
and enjoyment in the in-house market of soft drinks
A favorite of the whole family

Currently Rasna holds close 93% market share in the soft drink

The in house consumption of soft drink market,making it a big force to reckon

Rasna has, over the last 20 years, successfully spread its wings with it’s Exports Division, offering the extremely successful Soft Drink Concentrates, Instant Drink Powders and Ethnic range of products to the global markets.
Rasna has extended its range to include other products, synergies to it’s basic activites, by introducing a variety of processed food products for the global consumer. Rasna has gained 1st rank in the soft drink beverage category (Source:Brand a quality).
Rasna has also received the 1st FMCG Award in the soft drink concentrate category.

Rasna Pvt Ltd. is a Proudly family owned ISO 9002 & HACCP Certified Company.
Rasna philosophy rests on producing and marketing the best of products and developing long term relations in the market.
Rasna Pvt Ltd. holds steadfastly to its commitment to excellence, a commitment to being one of the largest Soft Drink Concentrate Manufacturing Companies in the world.

Path breaking
Portrayed a child as a main influencer for the first time in India
“I Love You Rasna” – an all time favorite slogan
One of the most visible advertisement
Featured many celebrities from the field of entertainment and sports e.g. Hrithik Roshan, Karishma Kapoor, Paresh Rawal, Anupam Kher, Kapil Dev and Vivian Richards
Recognition for Rasna advertising received from the advertising fraternity through the awards being won right from its day of launch
No. 1 India’s Most Trusted Beverage Brand

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